What to Wear to a Job Interview – For Women

Making a good first impression really counts!

If you are enrolled in college or career training, it won’t be long until you begin searching for your first job in your new career field. One of the most important steps of the job search is preparing for a job interview. An interview is your chance to show the employer why you are the best candidate for the job.

When it comes to a job interview, remember that first impressions count. For this reason, it is important to look professional during your job interview. Here are some tips for women on what to wear to a job interview.

Suit or no suit?

Despite workplaces becoming more casual, wearing a business suit is still the standard for a job interview. If your budget is tight, you may find gently used suits at thrift stores or consignment shops. If all else fails, you can wear a nice blouse with dress pants or a skirt.

Skirt or pants?

Skirts and dress pants are both acceptable. But no jeans, shorts, capris, or yoga pants!

If you wear a skirt, wear pantyhose, as bare legs do not look professional. Also, be sure your skirt is long enough to cover your thighs when you sit down.

No scuffs on your shoes

Shoes are one of those items that you might forget about until the last minute. Do you have shoes that go with your interview outfit? Are they in good condition? To look professional, you definitely want your shoes to look sharp. Avoid open-toed shoes, clogs, and very high heels.

Accessorize modestly

Are you someone who loves to wear big chunky jewelry and rings that take up half of your finger? It’s better to tone down your accessories on the day of the interview, just in case the interviewer is judgmental about this sort of thing.

  • Wear understated jewelry
  • Keep your fingernails a conservative color and length
  • Don’t wear perfume; some people can be allergic
  • Go easy on your makeup; keep it simple
  • Don’t wear jewelry in tongue piercings; it can be distracting
  • Cover tattoos if you can

Slim down your pocketbook

Some of us have pocketbooks that are as large as suitcases! Big overstuffed bags do not look professional at an interview. Be sure to travel light, with just a small portfolio or folder that includes your resume and a pen.

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