What to Wear to a Job Interview – For Men

How to dress for success

If you are currently seeking a job, or if you are in a career training track, it won’t be long before you will need to prepare for a job interview. Job interviews are one of the key steps in finding a job! It is your chance to meet the employer and show them why you are the perfect candidate who will get the job done.

As we all know, first impressions count. When you walk into that interview room, you want to give the interviewer a firm handshake. You will also want to maintain good eye contact and project a friendly attitude. And to make the good impression really sink in, it’s important dress the part! If you are ready to dress for success, follow these tips—for men only!

Business Suit or Business Casual?

It’s true that many workplaces are more casual than they used to be, but wearing a business suit is still your best bet for a job interview. It tells the interviewer that you are serious about the position. If you’re having trouble affording a business suit, try thrift shops, consignment shops, or Ebay. If you find a gently used suit, you may need to get it dry cleaned and tailored, but at least you can save a little money. If you are really in a pinch, you can wear a nice ironed dress shirt, tie, black dress pants, and a sport coat.

Tips on shoes and socks

When you’re putting together your interview suit, it can be easy to forget about the shoes. But shoes can make a big difference in your look. Be sure that your shoes are polished, in good condition, and a darker color than your pants. Wingtips, oxfords, or loafers are all good choices. Also, wear a dark color of socks, and make sure there is no skin showing between your sock and your pants when you sit down.

No jewelry or cologne

When it comes to job interviews, it’s usually better to play it safe. Skip the cologne—you never know if it might bother someone. And don’t wear any jewelry (other than a wedding band if you wear one).

Don’t forget a haircut

It’s a good idea to get a haircut a few days before your interview. Having a nice crisp look and a good close shave can make you look put-together.

What to bring

As you’re setting out what to wear, you should also spend a little time preparing what you will bring. You don’t want to bring an old worn out work bag or backpack with you. That won’t look professional. Instead, bring a portfolio or black folder with copies of your resume and a pen. That’s about all you will need!

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