What jobs can you get with a medical assisting diploma?

medical assisting jobs

Medical assisting diplomas or associate degrees provide a solid path towards an engaging career. Medical assisting involves working as part of a health care team with direct and indirect patient care duties. While learning the very latest in compassionate care giving, medical assisting students at American College for Medical Careers can look forward to numerous employment possibilities.

Career Outlook for Medical Assistants

Once students pass the certified medical assistant examination, they are eligible to apply for many kinds of jobs. These include:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant

Working alongside physicians, physician extenders (nurse practitioners and physician assistants), registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, clinical medical assistants work in a clinical setting such as a hospital or doctor’s office. They’re as comfortable with direct patient care, such as wound management, as they are with the “soft skills” aspects of care, like discussing at-home care with patients to ensure they can follow through. They also have a firm understanding of technical skills like performing EKGs. Clinical medical assistants may act as a liaison among care providers, patients and pharmacy personnel.

  • Specialized Medical Assistant

Just as physicians don’t all work as general practitioners, medical assistants also specialize in specific areas, such as medical lab, ophthalmology, podiatry, obstetrics and more. The area of specialty depends upon the medical assistant’s preference and aptitude. For example, medical assistants who enjoy and relate to children would choose to specialize in pediatrics. Those who like behind-the-scenes work without as much direct patient contact may prefer specializing in lab work.

  • Clerical Medical Assistant

The medical world requires much documentation, especially with the advent of electronic medical records. The clerical medical assistant helps with keeping these records organize and accurate, as well as other administrative office tasks that a secretary might do, including greeting patients, operating a multi-line phone system, ordering supplies, and making appointments.

  • Administrative Medical Assistant

An administrative medical assistant performs many of the same duties as the clerical medical assistant; however, they could also take care of patients directly. This role is particularly more common in smaller offices, where it’s more likely that employees wear more hats. An administrative medical assistant may do anything from patient intakes to medical billing.

What to Do Next

If you have a high school diploma or GED and a compassionate heart, you could enter a medical assisting program that leads to many types of employment. Whichever role you decide is right for you, we hope that you consider American College for Medical Careers as your partner in achieving your medical assisting career goals.

The career’s employment outlook has never been better with increasing demand for all kinds of medical assistants to fill good paying roles throughout the healthcare field.

For more than 50 years, we have upheld the mission of providing top-quality, comprehensive education that leads to numerous career opportunities. We offer daytime and evening classes for medical assisting at our Orlando, Florida campus and online coursework for medical assistant education.

Let us help you open the door to the very best possibilities life can offer.