What is Health Information Technology?

Earn an associate’s degree in this career field through online courses

health information technology career training program, photo of computers

If you are a high school graduate, or someone who is looking for a new career, have you ever considered Health Information Technology? It is a professional career in the field of healthcare that requires only a 20-month associate’s degree program that can be completed online.

What do Health Information Technicians do? They are responsible for maintaining patient health information in hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, and other healthcare organizations. If you choose this field, your job responsibilities might be:

  • Compile patient information such as test results, medications, medical history, and treatments in Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.
  • Use the EHR system to provide reports on patient care, cost control, and other matters for analysis.
  • Provide medical coding for health insurance claims.
  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of health data in the EHR system.

Many schools offer online associate’s degrees in Health Information Technology. Before signing up for a program, make sure that it is accredited. Find out about the school’s job placement rate, its history, and its reputation. Make sure the school can offer financial aid packages.

Most schools will provide courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, health information management workflow, healthcare record documentation, quality improvement programs, medical law and ethics (including HIPAA), and healthcare reimbursement.

You will also learn about medical billing and coding through courses on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT).

Some people choose this career field for these great reasons:

  • You can work in the healthcare field without having to provide direct care to patients—perfect for people who are squeamish.
  • It’s an office job—great if you like professional settings and comfortable climate-controlled offices.
  • You get to be part of the field of healthcare—ideal for people who want a professional career that they can be proud of.

Do you have the discipline to earn a degree online? Taking online courses and studying at home require that you have self-discipline and determination. If you think you have what it takes, this may be a career training option you want to explore.


The American College of Medical Careers provides an online associate’s degree program in Health Information Technology that can be completed in 20 months. All courses take place online with the exception of your practicum, which you attend at an approved clinical site. We have a rolling admissions process, which means that you can enroll at any time. Contact us to find out more about this career building opportunity.