Ways to Show Gratitude

Represent the spirit of the holiday season by giving thanks!

The holidays are a great time to give thanks and appreciate what you have in life. Feeling grateful can help put you in a more positive mindset so that you may feel happier and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

You can show gratitude for major milestones in your life, loved ones, and even the simple things like a warm bed or a homecooked meal. It’s important to stop and remember the positive aspects of our lives every now and then. Showing gratitude helps us put situations into perspective and can even relieve stress. For a happier holiday season, here are several ways that you can show gratitude.

  • Write it down. Make a list or keep a gratitude journal of people, situations, or items for which you’re thankful. Think about gifts, benefits, or lifestyle choices you enjoy.
  • Say “thank you”. Use these words towards those who help you in rough times or people who offer kind, simple gestures. If someone, like a teacher, helps you out say thank you. You can build a more positive and helpful academic experience by showing your gratitude.
  • Show appreciation. Let others know why you appreciate them. You can show others your gratitude for them by helping them with chores, talking with them, and using kind words.
  • Ask yourself three questions. Sit down and ask yourself questions that can help stimulate feelings of gratitude. Ask yourself what you’ve received, who you’ve given to, and the troubles and difficulty you may have caused. These questions may help you focus on how you can show more gratitude in your life and change circumstances for the better.
  • Focus on your positive attributes. Thinking about the positive qualities of your personality can have an impact on how you appreciate yourself. Giving thanks for your strengths can help you show more outwards gratitude.
  • Think about the past. Reflecting on good and bad situations in the past can help you appreciate your current position in life. Think about the progress you’ve made or the changes that have occurred in the past year. Do you like where you are in life? What are some positive aspects that you’ve experienced? What are some positive lessons you’ve gained from a negative situation?
  • Don’t dwell on the negative. Sometimes it’s necessary to remember or analyze negative situations. Thinking about these negative aspects can help you appreciate the good things in life. However, don’t dwell on the negative for long because it will only make you feel frustrated.
  • Give yourself reminders. Make reminders to stop and think about what you’re grateful for each day. You could put a post-it note on your side table or on your bathroom mirror so that when you’re getting ready in the morning you can think about the good things that you have and what the future has to offer.
  • Help out your community. Show neighborly love by helping out others in your community. You could volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, or a healthcare clinic where you could help assist others and put effort into helping others. You can make great connections and reciprocate feelings of gratitude with others. Even a small gesture like donating food items to others for the holidays can show your thanks and respect for others in the community.
  • Use your senses. Connect with the world around you. When you use your senses to appreciate different tastes, smells, scenes, and interact with people, you can start to appreciate and build bonds with the world around you. You may become more in touch with yourself and your attitudes towards the environment and the people in it.

Hopefully, these suggestions can help you build a more grateful approach to the positive influences in your life. Try using some of these steps each day so you can show appreciation to yourself and give thanks to others more easily. You can become a more productive student and professional this way too. The American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) wishes you a happy holiday season!
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