Show Appreciation for your Teachers

Teachers can help us achieve

Teachers help us blossom and grow to become skilled individuals. They guide us on the path to learn essential skills in general or specific fields. They also can teach us how to become well-rounded individuals by helping us prepare for life’s lessons. Teachers can help inspire us and learn what motivates us to succeed.

Are you a student in a career training program? Perhaps, you have a teacher that inspires or helps you grow. It’s necessary to be thankful and appreciate your teachers. Often, they are passionate and dedicated to their jobs and students. Even though school can be hard sometimes, stop to think about how you can appreciate your teachers more often. You may not be where you are today without them!

Here are 5 reasons to appreciate and respect your teachers:

1. Teachers care for their students

Teachers are known for being passionate and dedicated to their careers. A great teacher cares about the success of their students and wishes to see them learn to the best of their abilities. They are often excited to introduce and teach new subjects to their students and see them engage with the material. Teachers seek to help each student learn new skill sets and think more broady about the world.

2. Teachers dedicate a lot of time to their profession

It takes a lot of effort, time, and preparation to make a lesson plan for class. Teachers spend a lot of time in the classroom and even help students after hours. Remember that they spend time working outside the classroom as well. Teachers need to prepare lessons, lectures, discussions, grade assignments and exams, and create tests. They also need to attend regular staff meetings, conferences, and many instructors complete training sessions. Training sessions help keep them engaged in new teaching methods and offer new tools and insights into their profession so they can help students succeed better. Their professional life outside of the classroom is like having another full-time job. You can be sure that teachers are dedicated to going that extra mile.

3. They are great multi-taskers

Teachers are educated on the subject matter they teach to students. But remember, teaching is a skill. It’s not just anyone who can stay dedicated and reamin helpful effectively. Becoming a teacher means they have to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their fields so they can give their students the best resources and knowledge available. Many teachers continue their education, attend development trainings, or professional teachers’ conferences so they can be prepared to help their students achieve to their greatest potential. There are so many responsibilities when you’re a teacher!

4. Teachers are highly adaptable

Teachers tend to be adaptable and flexible. Their lesson plans may not always progress as the day unfolds. For example, there could be an emergency, a fire drill, or a student may have a question or discussion topic that delays the lesson or classwork. You may run into technological difficulties or you may need to spend longer on a lesson to make sure your students comprehend the material. Teachers are great at changing the pace of the school day as the day’s plans change. They are great at adapting the class schedule so there is enough time to cover the essential material or make up for lost time. They can get the most out of their time in the classroom.

5. Teachers are clever and can think outside of the box

Explaining new theories and techniques to students can be hard. It can be difficult to introduce new ways of thinking to students. Everyone learns differently, so teachers need to adapt and think outside of the box when it comes to making sure each student understands the schoolwork. Teachers get creative when they teach their students. Often, they come up with creative ways for students to process information more effectively. They can try new approaches to teaching when a student is having trouble. They may decide to teach a student with visual examples rather than just text material. Instructors aren’t afraid to find different approaches and use researched teaching methods, especially if it helps a student learn better. They know that each student is unique, so they try to adapt or think outside the box when providing for the learning needs of each student.


Teachers are great at remembering names!

Building a comfortable and inclusive classroom environment is essential for teachers. One way to do this is to become personable and friendly towards students by learning their names. Teachers need to learn names quickly. Many teachers teach a few different classes so there may be hundreds of student names they need to remember in a school year. That’s a lot of memorizing!

We hope this article offers you a better perspective on the dedication and hard work that our teachers—especially the ones at the ACMC—offer our students each day. Their reach can extend far beyond the classroom and many people remember some of their instructors and the impact they had on them throughout their lives. Next time you see your instructor, tell them how much you appreciate them. Showing gratitude can build a happier classroom experience for you both.

The American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) is grateful for our teachers, their dedication, and hard work. Want to know more about our career services and training programs? Contact us today or schedule a tour at our Orlando, Florida campus!