Managing your Diet on Thanksgiving

Tips to curb your calorie intake on Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Many Americans are preparing their shopping lists and stomachs for the upcoming holiday meal. Turkey day is a great time to relax and enjoy a meal with family or friends, but it is also a day when many Americans overindulge in those casserole dishes and pumpkin-inspired desserts.

If you’re hoping to stick to your diet this Thanksgiving holiday then we’ve got eight tips that can help you manage your food intake for the day.

Tip #1: Work out in the morning

You can start Thanksgiving Day off right by exercising in the morning! Exercise has been proven to boost your metabolism, so plan some workout time or a fun activity during the morning. Plan a Thanksgiving football game with friends, go for a long walk, organize a hike, or find a local 5k “Turkey Trot”.

Tip #2: Prepare smaller plates

Set out smaller plates for Thanksgiving dinner. This way you can avoid eating too much of some dishes. The smaller the plate, the less you’ll be able to fit on it. If you’re cooking for just a few people, consider making smaller portions so that you and your family don’t overindulge.

Tip #3: Eat only one plate

If you enjoy going back for seconds, then Thanksgiving can be a hard holiday to manage for some dieters. Make a promise to yourself to only eat one plate of food. You can still enjoy your favorite recipes, but make sure all your favorite dishes can fit on one plate. Remember to eat slower so your body can digest food quicker allowing you to feel fuller. Plus, you may savor the meal more.

Tip #4: Eat more white meat, less fatty dishes

Instead of eating a lot of those fatty dishes, try loading up on white turkey meat. Turkey is a lean protein that is a staple of healthy diets. Try to eat smaller portions of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy and opt for more veggies.

Tip #5: Eat earlier in the day

Instead of eating later on Thanksgiving evening, think about planning your Thanksgiving meal earlier in the day. You could plan a lunch meal or an early afternoon supper. This will give your body a better chance to digest the meal before bedtime.

Tip #6: Choose one dessert option

Sometimes family members bring an extra dessert with them so everyone will have several to share. This Thanksgiving try eating only one dessert so you don’t overload on the sugar. Remember to take your time enjoying the treat though since it is the holidays!

Tip #7: Limit your alcohol intake

Plan on limiting the number of alcohol drinks you have throughout Thanksgiving Day. Alcoholic beverages are high in calories, so drinking too many can increase your calorie intake. Consider limiting yourself to one to two drinks during the day.

Tip #8: Walk after your meal

After you finish Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, plan on staying active. Take a walk around the neighborhood with family members. It’s a great way to bond, feel energized, and digest your food.

Hopefully, these tips can help you balance your meals for the day while still enjoying a tasty Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday!

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