Keep Medical Assistant Apps at Your Fingertips

Electronic resources can make your job easier

How many apps have you downloaded this month? If you like downloading games and social media apps, that’s great. But did you know that apps can also help you in your professional life? If you are studying to become a medical assistant, there are a number of apps on the market that can help you with your studies.

There are apps to help you learn human anatomy, review medical coding, and study for exams. Having these apps on your phone makes it easy to study just about anywhere, whether you’re studying at home, waiting for the bus, or standing in line at the checkout counter.

CMA Test Prep by iMobiApp
iPhone, iPad

With over 2,000 sample test questions, you can strengthen your knowledge of medical assisting principles and practices. The app provides helpful explanations so that you learn from your mistakes. It also lets you concentrate on improving your weak areas, without wasting time re-hashing the topics you already know. It can help you prepare for the RMA or CMA exam.

Medical Assistant by Ion Citadel
iPhone, iPad, iPod

This app helps you get ready to sit for an exam such as the RMA or CMA exam. The exam cards cover a range of topics including medical terminology, anatomy, nutrition, patient communication, lab work, ethics, and office administration.

McGraw Hill Medical Assisting Review
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

McGraw Hill publishes the book Medical Assisting Review: Passing the CMA, RMA, and CCMA Exams, 4th edition by Jahangir Moini. This app provides two practice exams based on this book, along with other features to help you study.

CMA Test Prep by Med Preps LLC
iPhone, iPad
Free, or $4.99 for Pro version

This app contains 2,000 multiple choice practice questions to help you get ready for your exams. You may want to pay extra to upgrade to the Pro version in order to have access to all of the information including questions on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical and medical knowledge, and more.

Speed Anatomy Quiz by Benoit Essiambre 
iPhones and Android compatible

With over 300 labeled body parts and 28 levels of study, this anatomy app helps you learn human anatomy in a fast and fun way. Most of the learning exercises are set up like games where you can earn points.

Visual Anatomy Free

This anatomy-learning app provides a 3D overview model to help you better visualize the part of the anatomy that you are studying. It also features audio pronunciation and 500 feature points with their own labels. The full version has over 1200 images and a multiple-choice practice test.

iPhone, iPad, and
available for Android
For medical assistants who are also learning medical billing and coding, this app serves as a converter from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes. It has one-step features that allow you to enter keywords and quickly find a list of ICD-10 codes. You can also set up a section for your most commonly used codes.

If you are currently in medical assistant school, we hope you are able to find an app or two to help make your medical assistant training more meaningful. For more self-improvement resources, try Three Great Resources for Testing your Medical Assistant Knowledge.

Please note that this article is not intended to promote any of the apps listed above. We just want medical assistant students to know that there are many useful technology tools at their disposal. Good luck with your training!


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