Is Dental Assisting a Good Career?

Thinking about dental assistant schools?  Here are 5 reasons to consider a career as a dental assistant.

Are you looking for a new career? At the American College of Medical Careers, we offer a wide menu of career-focused training programs in the field of healthcare and allied health. This article will look at our Dental Assistant training program, and the benefits of choosing this interesting career field.

First off, let’s talk about what dental assistants do. Most dental assistants work in dental offices. Some offices may be small, with just a single dentist, while others might be larger, with many dentists working together. Other dental assistants work in specialty offices like endodontist or periodontist offices. A day on the job might include tasks like these:

  • Greeting patients
  • Scheduling regular checkups and appointments
  • Preparing exam rooms for the next patient
  • Sterilizing equipment and dental instruments
  • Assisting the dentist during a procedure (chair-side assisting)
  • Checking inventory
  • Conducting dental lab procedures

If these tasks sound like something you would like to learn, then you might want to consider getting dental assistant training at ACMC. As you will see, dental assisting can truly be a rewarding career, and you might even find that you are having fun on the job! Check out these five benefits:

#1. You get to know your patients
In most healthcare jobs, you see your patients only when they are sick. They may come in for an office visit, get a prescription, and not return until they are sick again. But as a dental assistant, your patients come to the office regularly—usually every six months. This allows you to build a friendly rapport with them, and to follow up with them regularly. In addition, the appointments are somewhat long. It can take up to a half hour to get a cleaning. Other procedures may take even longer. This gives you many chances to interact with the patients and get to know them.

#2. Your role is supportive—no pain involved!
As a dental assistant, you will not have to conduct any painful procedures for the patients. That is the job of the dentist and sometimes the dental hygienist. You get to play a more supportive role that helps make the patient’s appointment more pleasant. You might greet the patients when they come in, get them a magazine while they wait, and give them water to rinse their mouths. You might also share dental tips with patients and show them how to brush and floss more effectively.

#3. The goodie bag!
When you go to the dentist, do you look forward to the free toothbrush and floss that you usually get? The dental assistant gets to put together these bags and give them to the patients. They usually contain toothpaste, dental floss, and other products for your teeth. Giving these to your patients at the end of their appointments can be a fun way to cheer them up and put a smile on their faces, even if their mouth is still numb!

#4. You get to be part of a dental team
Working in a dental office can be rewarding if you like the feeling of being a member of a team. Unlike some allied health jobs where you work in a large hospital and hardly know your co-workers, working in a dental office can be more personal. Typically, dental offices are somewhat small, and you will work with the same people every day. With the right attitude and the right work ethic, your contribution to the team will be noticed. You will also have the opportunity to learn more and more about the dental field because you will be working so closely with dentists and hygienists.

#5. Great hours!
Dental assistants tend to work regular business hours, with occasional hours during the evenings and weekends. Unlike other allied health workers who may have to work night shifts at a hospital or nursing home, a dental assistant tends to have more predictable hours. You will usually know your schedule well in advance, which makes it easier to plan your life and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits like these are not part of every job! If you are considering becoming a dental assistant, read more about dental assistant schools in your area. Take some time to find out if this is the right career for you.


If you’re checking out dental assistant schools near Orlando FL, the American College of Medical Careers provides a Dental Assistant training program. Contact us anytime to learn more about this and other programs.