How to Choose the Right Medical Assistant Program: Find the Degree that Fits You

How to Choose Medical Assistant Program

Interested in a Medical Assistant program? Expanded medical coverage and aging Baby Boomers have increased demand for medical care workers to fill these vital roles. Physicians rely upon medical assistants to help manage patient care and increase efficiency. Medical assistants also lay a good foundation in healthcare, increasing their readiness to pursue more advanced education.

Kinds of Medical Assisting Programs

Students take medical assisting programs either online or as traditional, hands-on training. Some medical assistant programs offer a combination of online and in-person classes.

Online or Hybrid Medical Assistant Programs

These medical assisting classes take place totally or partly online. Remote classes can save commuting time and help students work around family and employment responsibilities. But online classes do not have the depth of traditional medical assistant programs. While gaining an education on facts and procedures is vital, it’s equally as important for medical assistants to learn the intricacies of the personal touch of a caring provider. At American College for Medical Careers, our hands-on training enables us to ensure students grasp the compassionate nature of medical assisting.

Hands-on Medical Assistant Programs

An online learning portal can’t hope to replicate the dynamics of learning in a classroom. Hands-on instructors teaching face to face can better assess medical assistant students’ capabilities in compassion, gentleness, and correct technique. Students in our classrooms also receive a more multi-faceted education, as they’re supported by the real-time companionship of students who share in their challenges and accomplishments. They graduate with the reassurance that they’re fully equipped with the knowledge and techniques they need to succeed as a medical assistant.

Degrees Offered by American College for Medical Careers

No previous experience is required. All you need to apply for a medical assistant training program is a high school diploma or GED.

Diploma in Medical Assisting – Students take only the required, career-focused classes as a fast track to launching their career in medical assisting.

Associate of Science in Medical Assisting – Students take general education classes for a more well-rounded education that offers a stepping stone to further education.

Why is Accreditation Important?

American College for Medical Careers is a fully accredited school. That means our diplomas and degree programs qualify for federal grants and loans. Our graduates receive the recognition they need to complete their certification exam, gain employment, and, if desired, seek further education, building upon their foundation at American College for Medical Careers.

American College for Medical Careers: What’s Next?

After only seven months of education, Medical Assisting program graduates often work in many different types of facilities, including hospitals, long-term care centers, private practices, specialty provider offices or surgical centers.

Medical Assistant Job Duties:

  • Measure vital signs
  • Record patient medical histories
  • Explain procedures to patients
  • Prepare patients for exams
  • Sterilize medical instruments
  • Assist physicians or nurses during exams
  • Collect, transfer, and process lab specimens
  • Sterilize medical instruments
  • Assist physicians or nurses during exams
  • Collect, transfer, and process lab specimens
  • Perform phlebotomies (blood draws)
  • Administer EKGs
  • Administer medication
  • Educate patients on health management and medications
  • Remove and apply wound dressings

In addition to assisting physicians and physician extenders with these types of tasks, medical assistants help patients feel at ease and explain medical procedures, care, and follow-up. Ensuring a positive patient visit can increase patient compliance with doctor’s orders.

Medical assistants can feel fulfilled that they have provided a service that can transform a possibly frightening or painful experience into a comfortable one. Medical assistants can feel pride in joining a medical team that promotes wellness and health in the community.