How to Choose a Dental Assistant Program

Dental Assistant program

A dental assistant program provides the education you will need to join the growing career field of dental assisting. While any dental assisting school may offer a baseline acceptable dental assistant program, it’s vital to select the school that can help you succeed in the dental industry.

Here’s how you can make the best choice for your dental assisting career:

1. The faculty at American College for Medical Careers bring many years’ experience to the classroom to share their in-depth knowledge of dental practice with their medical assisting students.

2. Hands-on Opportunities. Guided by ACMC’s tenured professors, our dental assistant students receive the benefit of hands-on experience before they become employed. This equips them with the confidence they need to provide superlative dental assisting.

3. Well-rounded Education. Of course, dental assistants clean teeth; however, we prepare our dental assistant students to pass their credentialing examination and to perform all of the duties a dental office could expect of a dental assistant, including:

  • Ensure the wellbeing of patients
  • Prepare patients for dental exams and procedures
  • Clean and sterilize dental instruments
  • Hand instruments to the dentist during procedures
  • Educate patients on proper oral hygiene
  • Take x-rays of patients’ teeth
  • Complete lab tasks under the direction of a dentist
  • Maintain patient dental records

By teaching a broad spectrum of skills to our dental assisting students, we equip them with many desirable, marketable skills. They become top candidates for dental assisting positions and possess many more opportunities for employment assisting in dental offices.

4. Employment Support. Providing a top-quality education is just the beginning. At ACMC, we support dental assisting students and graduates with their search for employment through our Career Services Department. It’s our desire to see graduates obtain employment in their field right after they complete their dental assisting program and receive their dental assisting credentials. We offer:

  • Weekly Job Postings
  • Company Profiles
  • Job Search Advising
  • Resume Preparation
  • Alumni Networking
  • Externship Opportunities
  • On-site Career Fairs
  • Employer Database
  • Internet Access/E-mail
  • Reference Books
  • Laser Printer/Fax Service
  • Job Search Materials

5. Ongoing Support. When you choose ACMC, we’re your partner for career support for life. Whether it’s continuing education credits to help you maintain your credentials, placement support or externships, your relationship with ACMC doesn’t end once your receive your completion certificate. We want you to succeed at working as a dental assistant and at life.

Wherever you go to receive education to become a dental assistant will likely provide the minimum you need to work as a dental assistant. But why go for just the basics? Why not obtain the best education you can to succeed? Let us partner with you to help you truly excel as a dental assistant.