As a health information technician, your primary responsibility will be to organize and manage health information data within a healthcare office to ensure its quality, accuracy and security. This will include reviewing patient records for accuracy and completeness, electronically recording data for collection and ensuring the protection of patients’ privacy.

The increasing demand for healthcare services has led to an increased need for health information technicians – making it an excellent career opportunity for someone wanting to work in the allied health field. With Associates degree programs taking approximately 20 months to complete, this means you’ll be able to begin your new career as a health information technician within the next two years.

What to Expect from a Health Information Technology Program

Health information technology schools, such as the American College for Medical Careers, provides comprehensive training to prepare students for entry-level careers in the allied health field. Available entirely online, students enrolled in the health information technology program at American College can complete their coursework from home with a greater degree of flexibility than is available at most health information technology schools. The program of study includes both synchronous and asynchronous classwork that takes place directly through the school’s web-based Learning Management System.

Through this health information technology program, students will engage in coursework related to:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health data requirements
  • Clinical classification and coding systems
  • Data analysis
  • Healthcare reimbursement methods
  • Data and quality management

To get the hands-on experience of working in the field, the online program includes a simulated lab where students can put their theoretical knowledge to work. This experience will help students build upon their knowledge and develop both the confidence and skills they’ll need to work in the field.