“Grab and Go” Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Students

Start your day off right with a fast, easy breakfast

Answer honestly: do you start each day with a balanced breakfast? If you are a student, you are probably dashing out the door with nothing to eat or grabbing a doughnut or pastry along the way. The saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is more than just a saying. It’s the truth!

According to WebMD, a balanced breakfast can help you with many aspects of your life. A nutritious breakfast can:

  • Give you the nutrients your body needs
  • Increase your ability to concentrate
  • Improve your overall your mood
  • Give you the energy you need for physical activities (and for staying awake in class!)
  • Help to lower your cholesterol
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight

With a little advance planning, you can have fast, healthy, inexpensive breakfast options at your fingertips every morning. Get your day started with healthy proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits, and see how much better you feel! Try these suggestions.

  • Toast with peanut butter and an apple
  • Cottage cheese with strawberries or cherry tomatoes
  • Plain yogurt with fruit and granola on top
  • Two hard boiled eggs and a handful of grapes
  • Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter or light cream cheese
  • Grab bag: string cheese, a handful of nuts, and an orange
  • Instant oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas mixed in
  • Low sugar cereal, milk, and banana
  • Low sugar fruit-and-nut bar
  • Whole wheat freezer waffles with peanut butter and an apple
  • Microwaved scrambled eggs in a mug
  • Ham/turkey and cheese roll-up and a handful of baby carrots
  • Green smoothie with nut butter

Once you get hooked on healthy breakfasts, you won’t want to go back! In addition to starting out your day right, you may also find that you are saving money. Stopping for a frappe and a donut every morning not only overloads you with sugar but also starts to wear on your wallet. Eating at home is much less expensive! Planning for simple healthy breakfasts may take a little extra time, but it will be worth it.


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