Get Your Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting

An associate’s degree shows your level of commitment to your career

Medical assisting is an evolving career field. Doctors’ offices hire medical assistants to handle both clinical and administrative functions. With medical assistants helping the office run smoothly, doctors and nurses have more time to tend to the medical needs of their patients. In this way, the role of the medical assistant has become an important part of most medical offices.

If you are considering becoming a medical assistant, consider applying to the American College for Medical Careers. ACMC offers two paths for medical assistant students.

Path 1. You can get a medical assistant diploma in about 40 weeks, which is only about 10 months. It’s a great choice for people who want to get into the workforce as quickly as possible.

Path 2. For the professional who wants to go the extra mile, you can earn an associate’s degree in medical assisting in just 52 weeks. Getting your associate’s degree doesn’t take that much longer than earning a diploma, and it brings with it a higher level of respect in the job market.

If you are having trouble deciding which is the best path for you, consider these frequently asked questions:

What does a medical assistant do?
Medical assistants work in medical offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. They assist doctors and nurses by handling some basic tasks such as showing the patient to the exam room, taking vital signs, checking the patient history, and making sure the patient is ready to see the doctor or nurse. Medical assistants also work behind-the-scenes with scheduling, preparing exam rooms, checking inventory, and other administrative tasks.

What’s the difference between a diploma and an associate’s degree?
ACMC offers both a diploma program and an associate degree of science in medical assisting.

  • A diploma program gives you a diploma when you graduate, but you do not officially have a college degree. Our diploma program requires 16 Medical Assisting courses plus an externship.
  • An associate’s degree is a true college degree. To earn an associate’s degree, students have to take eight additional general education classes on top of the regular 16 Medical Assisting classes.

How long do the programs take?
Both programs can be completed quickly if you choose to be a full-time day student. The diploma program can be completed in 40 weeks for full-time day students. That’s just about 10 months! The associate’s degree program can be completed in 52 weeks, or one year. For evening students, the programs take about a year and a half to complete. Any way you look at it, the training period isn’t long!

What are the benefits of the associate’s degree program?
Getting your associate’s degree says that you are more committed to your education. Here are some reasons you might want to choose this program.

  • Your resume looks stronger with a college degree
  • Additional courses provide a more rounded education
  • Credits may transfer if you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree later
  • Your associate’s degree shows a higher level of commitment to your new field.

For more information about the medical assistant field, try 5 Things to Know About Becoming a Medical Assistant. Whether you choose a degree program or a diploma program, medical assistant training can open new doors for you. We hope you choose a medical assistant training program at ACMC!


The American College for Medical Careers offers an array of medical training programs at our campus in Orlando, Florida. Contact us to learn more.