Free Apps and Resources for Dental Assistant Students

Tools to help dental assistant students study!

Considering going to dental assistant school? Dental assistants are the healthcare professionals who assist dentists and dental hygienists during dental exams and surgeries. They also provide administrative support through record keeping and scheduling appointments, among other various tasks.

Throughout the day, they will need to know dental anatomy and terms. Dental assistants will also need to know how to identify dental instruments to help provide essential care to patients. This knowledge can help dental assistants communicate effectively with their coworkers so the dental office runs smoothly.

Don’t be discouraged if becoming a dental assistant sounds too technical or overwhelming. The dental assistant training program at The American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) is designed to help you learn and develop all the skills you need to know for this career path. While enrolled in a training program, your instructors can help show you the tools you need every step of the way!

One feature of the dental assisting program is that you will learn dental terminology so you can build a strong foundation for the rest of your coursework.

Here are four great resources students can use to get comfortable with dental assistant terminology.

1. The American Dental Association Glossary

One of the most used resources for dental assistants is the ADA’s glossary.  It provides students and professionals with a full list of dental terms and anatomy. The dental terms glossary will help you work in a clinical setting so you can clearly communicate with your coworkers. You’ll also find a complete list of administrative terms that can help you with dental insurance issues and other dental office procedures. You can alphabetically browse through the glossary or search by using the “Find” tool.

2. WebMD Glossary of Dental Health Terms

WebMD also provides a great glossary that can help improve your memory. You can browse through 12 descriptive pages of a complete A-Z dental term glossary. You can learn a lot about your field with this helpful tool. When you’re a professional on the job and you forget the definition of a term, pull out your WebMD glossary to help you!

3. Quizlet.com

This free study tool allows students to study for exams with flashcards. The app is free and you can review your progress as you study. This popular tool helps students build associations with their study material so it’s easier to remember.

4. Cram.com

Don’t cram for that exam! Instead, take advantage of this helpful tool for students. Cram provides flashcards for students who wish to study and memorize terms before an exam. You can use the tool to quiz yourself or play games that improve your memorization of dental assistant terminology. The app provides two sets of flashcards; one on Dental Chairside Assisting Instruments and another on Dental Assisting Basics.

We hope these tools and resources help make learning dental terminology that much easier. Over time, you could see an improvement in your memorization. If you’re having trouble, study with a friend or talk with your instructor on how you can both find ways to learn the material better. Soon, you could become a successful dental assistant. We wish you the best of luck in your dental assistant career!


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