Embody the Holiday Spirit

28 ways to feel the seasonal joy

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or another holiday tradition, feeling the seasonal joy can help put you in a better mood and enjoy the holidays with loved ones. You may have a busy schedule and a list of chores to complete before the season’s festivities start. Your may be preoccupied finishing up work projects or studying before you can fully relax and enjoy the holiday break. Remember to take time to embrace the simple joys of the holiday season.

If you’re having trouble getting in the holiday spirit, then we’ve got 25 steps that can help you embody the holiday spirit this year.

  1. Bake holiday cookies or desserts
  2. Enjoy a glass of eggnog, hot chocolate, or another holiday drink with friends
  3. Donate nonperishable foods to a local food drive
  4. Donate gifts to Toys for Tots
  5. Spread cheer by sending a letter or care package to U.S. troops through Operation Gratitude
  6. Plan an ugly sweater party
  7. Walk around your neighborhood or town to see the holiday lights
  8. Go caroling with friends
  9. Indulge in holiday arts and crafts
  10. Attend local holiday events
  11. Send homemade cards to local children’s’ hospitals
  12. Reach out to old friends and wish them a happy holiday
  13. Try a new holiday recipe
  14. Watch a classic holiday film
  15. Volunteer at your local nursing home’s holiday party
  16. Plan a holiday gift exchange
  17. Create a holiday playlist on Spotify or Pandora
  18. Play holiday-themed games with family
  19. Hand out holiday candy, like Hershey kisses or candy canes, to your coworkers or classmates
  20. Wish strangers a happy holiday
  21. Go holiday shopping
  22. Light yuletide candles or make holiday potpourri
  23. Decorate your house
  24. Wear an outfit that celebrates the holiday festivities
  25. Buy yourself a gift you really want
  26. Make a list of what you’re grateful for this year
  27. Spread positive messages on your social media accounts
  28. Create a new holiday tradition with your family

Browse through Pinterest and other social media sites to see what other traditions you can incorporate into your holiday itinerary. Taking time to appreciate the holiday season can help you create lasting and meaningful memories. The American College or Medical Careers (ACMC) wishes our students and staff  Happy Holidays!
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