Dental Assistant Schools in Orlando, Florida

If you are ready for a new career, consider dental assisting

Orlando, FL: Are you frustrated with your job and considering starting a new career? Are you a high school graduate who’s still trying to figure out what career to pursue? Many people in your position are choosing Dental Assistant training as a fast way to get trained for a professional position.

In Orlando, the American College of Medical Careers offers an array of programs designed to prepare you for a professional career in the field of healthcare. If you are looking for dental assistant schools, you may want to check out ACMC’s program.

Benefits of getting trained as a dental assistant

At ACMC, our students are enthusiastic about their new career field. Our program is popular for these reasons:

  • You can get dental assistant training in less than one year.
  • You don’t need a college degree.
  • Applying is easy! We don’t require any prerequisites, except for your high school diploma (or equivalent).
  • You can apply any time of year. New classes start up frequently.
  • You will learn job skills and career-readiness skills so that you are ready for the job market when you graduate.
  • Unlike some programs, our program offers expanded functions, including dental radiology.
  • Our Career Services department will help you with your job search strategies.
  • The job outlook for this career field is positive, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Dental assistant courses

As a student at ACMC, you will learn how to perform a range of clinical, clerical, and human relations functions within a dental office. You will learn about patient care procedures, dental theory, and office administration.

Here’s a small sampling of the courses you will take at ACMC in our Orlando location.

Dental Office Procedures
This course focuses on patient reception, telephone techniques, business office systems, patient scheduling, records managements, inventory control, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Preventative Dental Education
This course covers oral hygiene, plaque, proper brushing methods, the latest methods of preventing decay, and equipment and methods of preventing disorders. Students will also learn about the role of nutrition in tooth health.

Dental Anatomy
In this course, students learn about prenatal growth and development of the teeth, as well as the eruption schedule and function of each tooth in the primary and permanent dentition. Students will also learn the function of tissues and structures in the oral cavity.

Dental Radiology
This courses shows students how x-rays are produced and how to expose and process x-ray films. Students will learn about common errors, processing techniques, mounting procedures, and identification of radiographic landmarks. The course also covers the effects of radiation and safety precautions.

Chairside Dental Assisting I, II, III
Assisting the dentist at chairside is one of the most exciting parts of the job. In this course, the students learn topics such as how to seat and dismiss patients, the proper positioning for four-handed dental procedures, transfer methods for handing instruments to the dentist, the names and purposes of common instruments, how to take care of the equipment, cavity preparation, infection control, and more.

No prior experience is necessary to enroll in ACMC’s program. If dental assistant training sounds like a career path that may interest you, it may be time to contact ACMC online. Your future career could begin with us!