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Medical assistants help keep the patient appointments running more smoothly and create a more efficient medical system.
A recent guest speaker emphasized this essential aspect of the profession from the employers’ perspective
Getting career training could be your next step
These shortcuts to healthy eating are a great way to celebrate National Nutrition Month
Mock interviews provide students the chance to work on presenting themselves as professionals
Practice these questions to get ready for the big day
Recent events include an expert speaker on public health as well as an in-depth look at upcoming externships
Follow these tips if you want enjoy your school experience as well as succeed
This critical aspect of working in healthcare is built into the hands-on learning of this training program
Medical billing and coding specialists are important to the healthcare industry
Now’s the time to focus on taking steps towards where you’d like to go professionally
A recent field trip to Orlando’s Museum of Osteology offered unique learning opportunities
Read about a day in the life of a medical assistant
Tips for managing this transition to benefit you as well as your family
How to budget, save and avoid spending traps
Here's why it's smart to take time for the first meal of the day
Tips for finding the way to a calmer, more peaceful you
Check out why this exciting healthcare job might be right for you
As you take a break from work and/or school to celebrate, here are some ideas for giving thanks and giving back to the community during this season of Thanksgiving.
Three healthcare career-focused training programs that teach you marketable skills in one year.
Find out if this role is right for you.
Use these tips to create a great LinkedIn profile, whether you're new to the professional's social media platform or need a refresher course.
November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Test your knowledge of this chronic disease.
If you use social media strategically, you can boost your online presence and show potential employers your professionalism.
Learn more about how to achieve your career goals in this essential healthcare role.
There is more to hand-washing than meets the eye.
Learn some things about him that you might not have known!
There are many skilled professional jobs that can be attainable with an associate’s degree or less.
We’ve created this overview of the profession to give you an idea of what it involves.
What can you do that can truly make a difference and improve the lives of the victims?
The best way to be an ally to someone in need is to understand more about domestic abuse.
Writing a resume doesn’t have to be hard!
After a long day of classes, check out these free or low-cost fall happenings in and near Orlando.
Sonographers make it possible for doctors to diagnose and treat medical conditions using the best detection methods available.
If you’re studying to be a medical sonographer, keep in mind that there are many tools to help you along the way.
If you are ready to dress for success, follow these tips—for men only!
Kick-start the good stuff in your diet with these suggestions
How can you become a sonographer? And what kind of sonographer would you want to be?
Becoming a Cardiovascular Sonographer means you use ultrasound to help a cardiologist to diagnose heart conditions and devise appropriate treatments.
The more you study in an efficient, organized manner, the more success you will find.
Check out this interesting trivia about the human body.
When it comes to a job interview, remember that first impressions count.
We asked this pillar of the Dental Assisting program some questions about her life before and outside of ACMC.
Top 10 tooth-brushing mistakes you should know about.
Learn more about Justin Clarke, who oversees the entire student finance operation at the ACMC campus.
A diagnostic medical sonographer performs ultrasounds (sonograms) on patients to help give doctors the information they need to make diagnoses.
The job of the medical billing and coding specialist is critical to the success of any medical practice, big or small.
We have a sample Medical Assistant resume to help get you started on your own.
There are some mistakes that many of us are making without even realizing it.
Read these guidelines, and see what you can do to give your heart some TLC.
The ACMC Sonography Bridge Program is an online program that helps people who may already be working as sonographers gain a bachelor’s degree.
Here are some pointers for getting control of your spending and making every dollar count.
Enjoy outdoor exercise this summer, but protect yourself from overheating.
A dental assistant program is a short job training program that can be completed in less than one year.
Here are some tools that can help you choose a career that matches your strengths and interests.
Participation in a range of recent activities enriches the curriculum for several programs.
These healthcare technicians provide essential images to help diagnose a patient’s heart health.
If you decide to choose this career path, here are some qualities to keep in mind that would serve you well on the job.
Ask yourself: Am I taking good care of myself? Is self-care a top priority for me? If the answer is no, try these tips to get back on track!
What makes a good employee? Is it your job skills? Your experience? Or is it your attitude toward the job?
ACMC honors the memory of citizens lost in the 2015 tragedy at Pulse nightclub on Orlando United Day.
Excelling as a dental assistant requires more than just know-how.
Once you’ve written the basics of your resume, you will want to optimize it for online job applications.
Learn fun trivia about three ACMC staff members who help students with job placement.
We hope these suggestions will get you out of your door and into your community.
Cataract Awareness Month is a great time to step-up your education on this topic and share it with loved ones.
When you think about your career, what do you envision? Do you hope for a desk job where you can work in a professional environment?
These are the types of things that medical assistants do on a typical day.
A well-attended, interactive Career Services workshop made a big impression on students.
If you’ve never worked a full-time career-oriented job, there may be a few things that surprise you.
Offering low-cost teeth whitening tools for a donation provides valuable experience.
These healthcare professionals use technology to help doctors to diagnose patients.
Learn how to reduce your risk for this serious skin cancer.
A poster competition and fundraiser brought campus awareness to this disorder.
Take a break from your studies and enjoy some fun dental trivia.
Here are some suggestions for ways to keep things on a positive note, so that your interactions create experiences that are productive.
The month of May is when we officially hold Teacher Appreciation Week every year.
Does the career field of cardiovascular sonography intrigue you? Here are some things to know about this career.
Here are some tips to help you navigate searching for a job in the online environment.
Just because the pollen’s out in full force, doesn't mean you have to suffer.
Here are the details on the most effective ways to make flossing a part of your daily dental hygiene routine.
These guidelines will benefit your work as a health claims specialist.
Setting SMART goals to state your goals in clear, achievable, and attainable ways so that you are likely to find success.
Here are some basic things you should know if you’re considering a career as a dental assistant.
If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to market yourself.
Take a break and entertain yourself with some fun facts about the human body.
Cell phone addiction is a real thing, and it can have negative consequences in your life.
March is Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month—the perfect time to consider how you’re using your eyes at work, and what you could be doing to protect them.
If you are a diagnostic medical sonographer or a cardiac sonographer, you know that sonography has many more uses than just obstetrics.
Sleep is the cornerstone of good health and good performance, and we should do all we can to make it a priority.
Like it or not, cover letters are still an important part of the job application process. So take a few minutes to read these tips.
Keeping your stress levels in check is important for your grades, your emotional health, and your overall school experience.
There are many ways to pursue your interests, but the first step is identifying what your passion is!
February is a short month, which always seems to go by quickly, but it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month.
Take a look, and see if you are living up to your potential in class.
If you are a careful and detail-oriented person, you may want to learn more about this career training option.
Networking is a smart way to broaden your professional horizons.
Do you get tired of negativity? Does it get you down when you read angry rants on social media? Do you wish people could be a little more positive?
The first day of a job is nerve-wracking for anyone. You don’t know the names and faces, and everything about the environment is new.
The American College for Medical Careers wishes to promote heart health during February’s American Heart Month.
A career as a dental assistant can lead to gratifying work in this important aspect of healthcare.
Are you one of the many college students or career school students who is seeking financial aid to help cover your tuition?
Health Information Technicians are professionals who record, update, and organize patients’ medical information and data.
Are you looking for a new career? If the field of health sciences interests you, then you might want to think about becoming a sonographer.
Take the time to see where you could be padding your bank accounts—without taking on a third job or cutting out that one indulgence you really love.
Rather than trying a fad diet that eliminates all the fun things from your life, why not start smaller?
You don’t have to work directly with patients to have a gratifying career in the healthcare field.
For many people, the new year is a time of renewal and self-improvement. If you are dissatisfied with your career, it could be a good time to consider something different.
Did you know that not all professional jobs require a college degree? With only a high school diploma or equivalent, you can enroll in a Medical Assistant training program at ACMC!
Looking for something new and different to ring in the New Year? Try these unique ideas.
Whether you are hanging up lights on your rooftop or driving in the snow, it’s important to use caution. Here are some holiday safety tips.
Feeling more like a Grinch than an angel this holiday season? We've got 28 ways to get in the holiday spirit.
Try these low-cost and free ways to join in the spirit of giving this holiday season.
Here are five reasons to stop and appreciate the dedication and hard work of your teachers.
Are you looking for a short-term job training program? There are many careers that can be started without a college degree, and one of them is that of a dental assistant.
Are you looking for ways to improve your health? Learn five ways you can include more vitamin C in your daily diet.
Did you know that an estimated 36 million people are living with HIV, including over 1.2 million in the U.S.?
ACMC offers you several ways to get in the holiday spirit of giving thanks.
Most students have to live on limited budgets during their school years. They have to learn what it means to pinch pennies.
ACMC offers 8 tips for staying mindful of your diet this Thanksgiving holiday!
Are you interested in the field of sonography? Most people think of sonographers as the professionals who perform ultrasounds on pregnant women.
Need to write a resume that will stand out? Try using our sample resume to help you compose your own!
Have you seen job postings for medical billers and coders? Do you have friends who are going to medical billing and coding schools?
Want to build a more productive work environment and impress your boss? These five tips can help you!
While there is no way to know exactly what the interviewer will ask, these sample questions can help you get more comfortable with the interview process.
October marks the start of flu season. ACMC offers you five reasons why you should get a flu shot this fall.
Do you have what it takes to develop these five essential medical assistant traits?
Do you hate the sound of your alarm clock? Do you wake up late and end up rushing to school? With these tips, you can make your mornings calm and relaxing.
Experencing writer's block? Use ACMC's cardiovascular sonography resume sample in your writing process!
Getting ready for a test? Try these tips for memorization, concentration, and comprehension.
Including the superfood kale in your diet has numerous health benefits! Find out why kale is such a popular health food!
If you are in college or career school, you will find that it’s a lot different from high school. In college or career school, you will have more independence.
Discover what a typical day is like for professional dental assistants.
Are you looking for a job? Most career experts say that using your career network is the best way to find a job.
If you like downloading games and social media apps, that’s great. But did you know that apps can also help you in your professional life?
If you want to decrease your chances of getting mosquito bites and infections like the Zika virus, then follow these three simple tips offered by the CDC.
Answer honestly: do you start each day with a balanced breakfast?
Find out what a typical day is like for professional medical billers and coders.
Within the field of healthcare, there is a wide range of job opportunities. One of the behind-the-scenes jobs that you may not always think about is that of the sonographer.
If you have patients who smoke cigarettes, take time to suggest these resources to help them quit for good.
The more prepared you are, the better you can do on the big day. Try these steps next time you have a job interview.
ACMC offers a sample dental assistant resume that can help you write, format, and organize your own skills-based resume.
ACMC provides you with a checklist based on handwashing tips from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidelines.
A student’s life can be busy. When you are attending classes every day, doing your homework, keeping up with your assigned reading, and studying for tests, life can get overwhelming.
Here are four great resources students can use to get comfortable with dental assistant terminology.
Medical assisting is an evolving career field. Doctors’ offices hire medical assistants to handle both clinical and administrative functions.
Don’t let school get you down! Whether you’re frustrated with your performance or dreading your next exam, a positive attitude towards school can go a long way!
When you are a student, it can be hard to find time to exercise. Between attending your classes, doing your homework, and studying for tests, there isn’t a lot of down time.
If you’re curious what it’s like to become a diagnostic medical sonographer, you may want to know the essential qualities needed for this career path.
If you are preparing for a medical career, you are learning a lot of clinical skills, but you will also want to learn the skills that make you a respected professional in your job.
ACMC offers a sample skill-based resume as a guide for medical billing and coding students and graduates!
If you are looking for a new career, you may have heard of a healthcare profession called medical billing and coding specialist. Have you ever wondered what this field is all about?
Before applying to a medical assistant training program, you should know more about the job field. Here are seven frequently asked questions about the medical assistant program at ACMC.
Good dental hygiene is an important part of a person’s overall health and wellness. Part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is having regular visits to the dentist.
If you’re spending time out in the sun this summer, The American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) offers you four ways you can protect yourself from sun damage.
Try these tips for improving your study skills and you will see what a difference it makes.
One ACMC program that may interest prospective students is the Health Information Technology program. This program allows students to develop their analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills.
If you like the idea of working in healthcare, but you don’t want the physical demands of caring directly for patients, then an office job might appeal to you.
If you drink water regularly you may see the benefits of improved health and wellness. Here are five reasons why you should drink water on a regular basis.
Looking for a job can be a stressful time of life. You want to find a job that fits your skills and interests.
Are you a senior in high school who is trying to decide what career options after you graduate? Choosing a career path is a crucial step to securing a happy and productive future.
Living on a student budget can be tricky. You have to make some decisions about what you can afford to do and what needs to be cut out.
If you think medical assisting is an intriguing career choice, then consider the different types of medical assistants career paths you could apply for with training from ACMC!
If you talk to anyone in Career Development, you will probably hear about the importance of networking.
An ever-evolving field to study is the career of a cardiovascular sonographer. With advancements in technology, cardiovascular sonography is becoming a popular career choice amongst students.
If you are enrolled in medical assistant school, it won’t be long before you need to write your new resume.
If you’re wondering what qualities you’ll need to have to become a dental assistant, here's a short guide to the traits you’ll need to be a successful dental assistant.
Are you always broke? Does your money seem to disappear? If you are a student, odds are that you are living on a limited budget, and that every dollar counts.
Staying healthy means managing your physical health, but also your mental health. ACMC offers 6 tips to manage your mental health!
Have you ever done a mock interview? When you practice for a job interview, you are usually trying to practice your answers.
Diagnostic medical sonographers play essential roles in diagnosing patients. If you’re a professional sonographer, you may want to advance your career further.
Are you frustrated with your job and considering starting a new career? Are you a high school graduate who’s still trying to figure out what career to pursue?
If you're a student, learn how you can build productive routines with these five time management tips.
One medical career where you can get trained relatively quickly is the field of ultrasound.
Are you getting ready to graduate from high school? Remember, graduation is not only the end of something important, but it’s also the beginning of something big.
Health Information Technicians are the healthcare professionals who record, update, and organize patients’ medical information and data. They play an important role in keeping records accurate, accessible, and secure.
In today’s job market, there are many reasons that people start a brand new career. They may have been downsized. They may be underemployed and looking for a more rewarding job.
Since April is National Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month, ACMC offers students and healthcare workers tips to remedy that upset stomach.
Are you looking for a new career? At the American College of Medical Careers, we offer a wide menu of career-focused training programs in the field of healthcare and allied health.
Financial hardships can interfere with educational opportunities. We want our students to get the financial support they need to pursue a healthcare career.
If you are going to medical assistant school right now, it won’t be long before you are ready for the workforce.
March is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate, ACMC is offering tips to live healthier.
What are the benefits to creating a LinkedIn profile if you are in the healthcare field? There are many, but here are just a few:
Did you know that sonography is more than pregnancy ultrasounds? Some sonographers specialize in cardiovascular, abdominal, or OB/GYN, while others remain as generalists.
Why are job interviews so important? They are your chance to prove to the employer that you are the best person for the job.
When most people think of the field of sonography, they picture a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound to learn the gender of her soon-to-be-born child.
If you’re applying to training schools, you’ll want a lively environment to avoid boredom when you’re not studying. Located just 15 minutes from Downtown Orlando, ACMC offers students a fun playground to live in while you study in a healthcare training program.
If you are a high school graduate, or someone who is looking for a new career, have you ever considered Health Information Technology?
Earning an associate’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography can give you the job skills you need to begin a new career as a sonographer or ultrasound technician.
If you want to get job training, but can’t afford the tuition, don’t give up! You may be eligible for financial aid!
The healthcare field offers many different career paths. If you’re interested in healthcare, but aren’t comfortable working directly with patients, then a Medical Billing and Coding career may be a good option for you.
One of the career-focused programs at the American College of Medical Careers is called Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions. Here are the five FAQ’s we hear from people interested in becoming a dental assistant.
Calling all Sonographers! Did you know you could earn a bachelor’s degree in sonography through our bridge program at American College of Medical Careers?
If you are enrolling in medical career training in order to make yourself marketable for the healthcare job market, this article is for you.
If you are enrolled in a career training program in the field of healthcare and allied health, this article is for you. We are going to take you step-by-step through the process of writing a cover letter.
Many people make ambitious New Year's resolutions that last only a few weeks, while others have given up on making resolutions at all.
The American College of Medical Careers in Orlando, Florida believes in staying ahead of the curve. We want to be sure that our students are being trained with a rigorous curriculum that prepares them with the job skills that employers will be seeking.
If you are a healthcare worker, or are in career training for a healthcare related field, such as medical assistant, dental assistant, or pharmacy technician, there are certain things you should know about preventing the spread of the flu.
What is the purpose of a resume? It’s your chance to market yourself! A resume is a one-page professional “selfie” that shows an employer why you are a strong candidate for the job.
A job interview is your chance to make a positive impression and convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Wearing professional attire can help start you off on the right foot, giving you the confidence to ace the interview!
When you are invited to a job interview, it is a positive sign that the employer is interested in you. The thought of the interview might make you feel a little apprehensive. Don’t worry…this is a normal way to feel. To get started preparing, the most important thing to do is to spend time rehearsing what you will say, but you should also devote some time to what you will wear.
From greeting patients to sterilizing equipment, there is one position in the dental office that can be counted on to ensure the practice runs smoothly – the job of the dental assistant. These professionals are responsible for a wide variety of administrative and clinical tasks including: Preparing patients for treatment, Scheduling appointments, Keeping…
The goal of the health information technology training program at ACMC is to provide students with a foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary to earn their certification in this growing career field. Certifications are offered through both the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of…
Are you looking for a stable, long-term career that is expected to continue to be in demand? The US Bureau...
Should I Look into a Medical Assistant Program? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicians’ offices and other healthcare facilities employ the most Medical Assistants. What are the other popular employers for Medical Assistants? Who Hires Graduates of a Medical Assistant Program? Physician Offices Hospitals Specialist’s Offices Psychiatric…
Did you know that medical assisting is one of the nation’s fastest-growing careers? With growing technological advances in the medical field, combined with a growing population of elderly individuals in need of medical care, the need for trained medical assistants is higher than ever before. In fact, the Bureau of ...
As the need for diagnostic imaging services continues to increase, so does the need for experienced ultrasound technicians, or sonographers. These individuals play a very important role in the medical field by providing physicians with detailed images of their patients’ internal structures. This may include imagery of the heart, vascular...
Diagnostic medical sonographers use specialized imaging equipment to capture images of a patient’s organs and tissues for the purpose of diagnosing medical conditions. These professionals typically work in hospitals and radiology centers, where they...
As the demand for more advanced medical procedures continues to increase, so does the need for qualified specialists who can…
Echocardiography schools in Florida prepare students for the high-growth field of sonography through a combination of theory and clinical training.…
Although they have little to no patient contact, the position of the health information technician is incredibly valuable to the…
Ultrasound technicians, sometimes referred to as sonographers, are healthcare professionals who work primarily in hospitals, physicians’ offices and diagnostic imaging centers. Their primary responsibility is to conduct ultrasound examinations on patients for the purpose of diagnosing medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease and pregnancy. Some sonographers specialize in the…
The medical field provides a number of exciting job possibilities for those who want a rewarding and high-demand career. From medical assisting to diagnostic sonography, many of these careers require less than two years of hands-on training – making it easy to train and begin a new career in less…
Students at ultrasound school take courses to prepare for careers in the field of sonography. While there is a high demand for professionals with training in this fast-growing field, however, those with the best job prospects will have an education at a highly-rated diagnostic medical sonography school. These schools put…
Medical assistants play an integral role in the healthcare system by providing support to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. From scheduling appointments to coding insurance forms to removing sutures, these medical support professionals are cross-trained in a wide range of administrative and clinical duties. In fact, they have some…
The American College for Medical Careers prepares students for a dental assistant career by providing them with the skills and professional knowledge they’ll need to begin their new careers in the healthcare industry after graduation.Here, students have the option of taking either a 45-week day program or a 64-week evening…
Students at health information technology schools in Florida are trained for careers as health information technicians, or medical coders, through a combination of classroom and practical learning methods. This curriculum is designed to give students the background needed to enter the health information technology field after graduation – and begin…
If you have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and are interested in starting (or enhancing) your healthcare career, you might consider becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer.
Trained dental assistants play a critical role in ensuring that the dental office runs smoothly and efficiently. From greeting patients to sterilizing equipment, these professionals perform a wide range of tasks that can make the job both rewarding and interesting.
At the American College for Medical Careers, students train for in-demand careers in the healthcare field, such as those in echocardiography. Otherwise known as “Echo” or cardiovascular sonography, echocardiography is a diagnostic ultrasound specialty that provides detailed imaging of the heart and its blood vessels.
Medical assistants play a critical role in the medical office by performing the necessary administrative and clinical tasks that keep the office running smoothly.
Diagnostic medical sonographers are medical professionals who use ultrasound machines to create detailed images of the organs and systems within the human body.
As a medical coding and billing specialist, you’ll be part of a growing career field that plays an essential role in the healthcare industry. Join the ACMC family of students learning now!
From scheduling appointments to taking vital signs, medical assistants perform a wide range of tasks in the medical office – tasks that ensure the office runs as smoothly as possible. In fact, the job description of the medical assistant is often the most varied of any other medical professional in the office.
Sonography schools in Florida prepare students for careers as ultrasound technicians – a highly-skilled and in-demand career field that provides many opportunities for growth and specialization.
At diagnostic medical sonography schools in Florida, students prepare for in-demand careers as sonographers – a medical specialty that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture detailed images of a patient’s organs, tissues and blood flow. These images are then used by doctors to confirm or negate a diagnosis.Because sonograms are…
For those who wish to work in a healthcare setting, a career as a medical assistant can be an incredibly rewarding experience. And with medical assistant training programs averaging only about a year (or less) for a full-time student, it won’t be long until you’re working – and thriving –…
At echocardiography schools, students prepare for careers as sonographers through a combination of theoretical and laboratory coursework. Also referred to as ultrasound technicians, these professionals work primarily in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers where they use specialized equipment to take detailed, visual images of organs, tissues and blood flow. At…
To work as a dental assistant in Florida, the state requires that you have formal training in both the basic chairside assisting functions of the dental assistant career, as well as in dental radiology. This makes it critical for all aspiring dental assistants to complete a dental assistant with expanded…