ACMC Students Are Actively Engaged around Orlando

Participation in a range of recent activities enriches the curriculum for several programs

Students at the American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) have been busy over the past several weeks, gaining professional development experience at industry conferences, getting to know members of their local community, and supporting one another. Here’s just a sampling of how some students have devoted their time this term.

Trying on another career

On Friday, June 23, a group of Dental Assisting and Medical Assisting students participated in a tour of Orlando’s Orange County Fire Station #51. Instructors from both programs accompanied the group. The students started their tour by viewing the classroom that firefighters and medical personnel use to hone their specialties and learn new lifesaving techniques.

The tour then led to one of the rescue ambulance vehicles, where the paramedic explained the different components of the vehicle and described some of the more common calls they receive on a daily basis. As the group was wrapping up this section of the tour, a giant fire rescue truck came into the fire bay, providing the students with a unique opportunity to inspect the vehicle.

The Lieutenant ended the tour by having two of the firefighters race to see who could don their turnout gear the fastest. The race was exhilarating as the two firefighters tried to outdo each other—both becoming fully dressed and ready for any emergency in under two minutes. “The students left with a new appreciation for the fire services,” says Campus Director Marsha-Ann Burrell, “and some even with some interesting ideas about potential future careers!”

Dental convention provides unique career opportunity

A group of 18 dental students spent June 22–24 at the Florida Dental Association (FDA) Convention, held at the Gay Lord Palms hotel in Kissimmee, FL. The official meeting of this member organization, this offered students three full days of continuing education, as well as an exhibit hall featuring more than 360 booths from more than 300 companies. Dental assisting instructors Katherine DeJesus, Chasity Fields, and Sandra Santiago accompanied the students. “The students truly loved interacting with other dental students, dentists, and dental professionals,” says Burrell.

Students get creative with the Clap Line

The end of every term at ACMC features what’s called “The Clap Line,” and this term was no exception. The July 6 celebration recognized students who had finished their on-campus classwork and are ready to move on to the next phase of their education: an externship. This tradition began a little over a year ago, and is always held on the last day of the term.

“The Clap Line is a great tradition at ACMC, and one that the students love!” says Burrell. “It’s also highly beneficial for the students who are still completing their program on campus, as it helps them to see the accomplishments their classmates have achieved.”

She says the Clap Line is more to ACMC’s students, faculty, and staff than simply cheering and wishing the students well. All of the outgoing students stand at the far end of the hall, and then one by one—while music is playing and lights are flashing—their names are announced and they each “walk the line,” while the other students, faculty, and staff clap, cheer, high-five, hug, and generally congratulate them on what they’ve accomplished.

Some students in The Clap Line dance down the line, some run, some walk—but all have huge smiles on their faces and are so happy to be recognized for all of their hard work and dedication to their education. “The students really get into it,” Burrell says. “They start planning it at least a week in advance. Every year we overhear the more junior students planning what they’ll do when it’s their turn to ‘walk the line’.”

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