ACMC: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Advisory Board shares the latest trends and developments in the job market

Orlando, FL: Preparing students for careers in today’s job market—and the job market of the future—is serious business. Career training schools cannot afford to rely on the same curriculum year after year. They must be willing to seek out the latest developments in all of the career fields they teach, embrace the changes that the market demands, and update their training programs to remain on the cutting-edge.

The American College of Medical Careers in Orlando, Florida believes in staying ahead of the curve. We want to be sure that our students are being trained with a rigorous curriculum that prepares them with the job skills that employers will be seeking. To do this, we work with an Advisory Board made up of dedicated men and women who are leaders in their career fields.

The members of the ACMC Advisory Board come from the healthcare fields in which we offer our career-focused programs: cardiovascular sonography, diagnostic sonography, medical assisting, dental assisting, medical billing and coding, and health information technology. The board members are working in these fields every day, and have a front row view of the changes that occur in their industries.

Addressing changes in the job markets of today and tomorrow

We are fortunate to have recruited a serious and committed board who is willing to meet with us regularly to discuss a range of relevant topics, such as changes in clinical practices, new medical equipment, medications that have just come on the market, the latest technologies, and laws and regulations that affect healthcare providers. The board members sit down with us to look at what we are teaching, and to make suggestions on ways to keep our curriculum current with the changing demands of the job market.

The board members are also important partners when it comes to seeking job opportunities for our students. Through our relationships with our board members and the institutions where they work, we are connected with job openings and opportunities, and can recommend students for these positions. Nothing makes us happier than placing our students in jobs in the Orlando community!

ACMC wishes to express our sincere gratitude to the members of our Advisory Board. With their help, we are able to continue offering our students a meaningful, current, and forward-looking curriculum that teaches marketable skills for the job market of today and tomorrow.