A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

See if a medical assistant career is right for you

At the doctor’s office, when you get called back to the exam room, odds are it is a medical assistant who is calling your name. The medical assistant then weighs you, takes your blood pressure, and records your vital signs. Have you ever wondered if you could do this job? Can you picture yourself doing this type of work?

If you are looking for a new job, getting trained as a medical assistant may be a possibility for you. Most medical assistant training programs do not require any prior experience, and they can be completed in just about one year’s time.

Here are the types of things that medical assistants do on a typical day:

  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Organize exam rooms with the necessary medical materials
  • Call patients from the waiting room
  • Measure vital signs, including height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
  • Record patients’ medical histories
  • Make sure patients are ready to see the doctor
  • Straighten up exam rooms in between appointments
  • Keep patient records up to date

Are you concerned that you don’t have the right experience? There’s no need to worry! Medical assistant school is designed with the beginner in mind. You are not expected to have any prior medical experience before attending. Most training schools expect you to have your high school diploma (or equivalent), as well as a positive attitude toward learning.

Once enrolled in a medical assistant training program, you will be taking courses to help you understand medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and medical billing. You will also learn how to do the clinical skills you need in this job, such as taking blood pressure, administering an EKG, or delivering basic first aid. Before you know it, you will have gained an impressive set of marketable skills!

If you think you’re ready for a new career field, then put your self-doubt aside, and give it a go! It’s never too late to get an education or to learn new job skills. You will be glad you did!


The American College for Medical Careers is proud to offer a medical assisting program at its campus in Orlando, Florida. If you live in the Orlando area, take a moment to check out what we have to offer.