7 FAQs about Medical Assistant Training

Find out if becoming a medical assistant may be in your future!

If you’re at a crossroads in life and are wondering what step to take next, then maybe it’s time to consider entering a career training program. A medical assistant profession may give you the direction you seek in life.

Before applying to a medical assistant training program, you should know more about the medical assistant job field and what career schools would be good options for you. The American College for Medical Careers (ACMC) offers a medical assistant training program. Below are seven frequently asked questions about the medical assistant program at ACMC. This guide will help you make an informed decision about applying to this training program.

Q #1: What do medical assistants do?

A: Medical assistants are the healthcare professionals who provide administrative and clinical assistance in a medical office or other healthcare facility. They record patient history, measure vital signs, assist physicians during patient exams, and give injections under the direction of a physician as permitted by state law. They also schedule patient appointments, prepare blood specimens for labs, and enter patient data into electronic health record systems.

Q #2: What will I learn in ACMC’s medical assistant training program?

A: Students at ACMC can choose to pursue either a medical assisting associate degree or a medical assistant diploma program. The associate degree program is designed to prepare students for clinical and administrative environments. Students will take courses that include Applied Medical Assisting Procedures, Pharmacology and Protective Practices, Introduction to Clinical Procedures, and Healthcare Communications.

The diploma program offers students the opportunity to learn and practice skills and behaviors suitable for a front office or back office of a diagnostic or therapeutic patient care environment. Hands-on training in labs and classrooms is combined with instructor-led seminars.

Q #3: How long does it take to complete the program?

A: The associate of science degree in medical assisting takes 52 weeks to complete. This means you could be ready for the workforce in about a year. The diploma program takes 36 weeks or 9 months to complete. If you’re thinking of getting into the workforce as soon as possible, then perhaps the diploma program would suit you best.

Q #4: Can I take night classes?

A: Yes, night classes are offered for both of our medical assisting programs. Evening classes for the diploma in medical assisting take 56 weeks to complete with 40 day-time, weekday hours a week.  The associate of science degree in medical assisting takes 72 weeks to complete evening courses.

Q #5: How do I apply to a medical assistant training program at ACMC?

A: When you apply to ACMC, applicants are required to hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Our admissions team can help you fill out your application. You can fill out an online application or complete one in person. In as little as six weeks, you could start your training program!

Q #6: Will I find a job?

A: ACMC wants our students to be successful. Our instructors and advisors are here to help you on the road to success. After all, our success depends on your success! We can help direct your job search and how to prepare yourself for job interviews and the professional workplace. Our curriculum helps our students prepare for the workplace and conduct their job searches with confidence.

Q #7: Where is ACMC located?

A: ACMC’s medical assisting training programs are offered at our campus in Orlando, Florida. Attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are only 25 minutes away by public transportation. We also offer online career training programs. If ACMC’s campus and medical assistant training programs sound like desirable options, contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour!