5 Natural Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the fountain of life!

Summer starts on June 20!  The warm summer months brings higher temperatures and more physical and outdoor activity. Therefore, more water and hydration are needed to maintain a healthy and sustained lifestyle. However, did you know that drinking water year-round can cause you to become an overall healthier human being?

Water is necessary for all life on Earth to sustain and revitalize itself. The all-natural liquid makes up nearly 60% of the human body and 76% of the heart and brain. Without water, life on Earth would not exist.

If you drink water regularly you may see the benefits of improved health and wellness. Here are five reasons why you should drink water on a regular basis:

1. Improve your mind

Drinking water is great for the mind! When you’re dehydrated, the organs in the body—including the brain—lose lubrication and oxygen. To stimulate brain power, water helps restore nutrients, liquid, and oxygen to the brain so you brain can interpret and interact with stimuli better. Your mind will be more active and responsive when you hydrate. When your mind functions properly, you problem-solving skills improve. Perhaps, you could do better on that next test!

2. Manage your weight

Make your diet easier! Water can significantly assist in weight loss. Regularly drinking water as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine can keep off excess calories. Hydrating with 8 glasses—64 ounces—or more of water a day will help increase your metabolism and make you fell full throughout the day. This will decrease the chances of you overeating. When you drink water, it helps remove excess waste from the body. Water will assist in a more leaner-looking physique, especially if you drink 8 glasses or more each day!

3. Better physical performance

Not only does water keep our minds alert, but it also helps improve the physical movement of our bodies. Water helps restore nutrients to muscles and cells. The nutrients help revitalize the cells so muscles can become more limber during physical activity. The body performs better when nutrients are restored and waste, which causes blockages and bloating, is removed. Drinking water will help sustain your body during a busy work week.

4. A practical money-saver

Save money by just drinking water! Don’t spend your money on sugary drinks at the convenience store or coffee shop. Spending money on drinks will cost you around $2-$4 per day. Instead, opt for water. Purchase a reusable water bottle or canister so you can take water with you wherever you go. Fill up your water bottle at a water fountain throughout the day so you can enjoy the lasting benefits of water in your diet! Skipping out on throw away plastic bottles is also great for the environment!

5. Hydration is essential

Hydration is necessary for you to function correctly every day. When you don’t hydrate your body becomes dry and unprepared for the day. Symptoms of dehydration include dryness, fatigue, irritability, and poor reaction time. Water helps your cardiovascular health, your immune system, and results in a cleansed body. It also helps to relieve headaches, fever, and low blood sugar. Water also helps to lower body temperature so you don’t become over heated during the day. In short, water is essential for your overall health.

Water is better for all areas of the body. If you begin drinking on a regular basis, you will see the improved benefits on your mind, body, and wallet. Take advantage of the natural resources that the world has to offer!


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