5 LinkedIn Tips to Improve Your Profile

LinkedIn is something you don’t want to miss

If you are looking for a job, what’s one of the easiest ways to market yourself? You probably know the answer: it’s LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on this free career networking resource that over 467 million people use worldwide. It’s a great tool for posting your profile, searching for jobs, and joining groups of like-minded professionals.

Here are 5 tips to creating a great LinkedIn profile that can help you build your career network and impress potential employers.

Tip #1: You need a photo!
Okay, technically you don’t need a photo to create a profile, but profiles with photos get far more views than profiles with no photos. Make sure it’s a professional-looking photograph that you would want a potential employer to see.

Tip #2: Complete as many fields as you can
LinkedIn is very user-friendly. As you create your profile, it coaches you on filling out each information field. Fill out as many fields as you can so that your profile is robust. A full profile shows potential employers that you took the time and made the effort to market yourself to your full potential.

Tip #3: Create a shortened URL
LinkedIn automatically assigns you a long random URL. But when you give out your LinkedIn address to others, you want it to be brief. You can easily choose a shorter URL under “edit public profile.” You can then put this shortened URL on your resume, in your email signature, or on a business card.

Tip #4: Make connections and recommendations
Building up at least 50 connections is a good way to show prospective employers that you have a network. It won’t happen overnight. Slowly ask colleagues and other professionals that you might know to connect with you. Over time, your number of connections will grow.

Tip #5: Make recommendations
You can make and receive endorsements and personal recommendations on LinkedIn. The recommendations are more important, because they come personally from a colleague who knows you. To get recommendations, start by writing a sincere recommendation for someone else you know. Eventually someone may return the favor and write a recommendation for you. It’s okay to ask someone to write a recommendation for you too.

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of all that LinkedIn offers
There are many ways to be an active participant on LinkedIn. You can:

  • join a group that’s related to your career field
  • post interesting articles or videos
  • respond to other people’s posts
  • sign up for job alerts
  • make connections with other professionals
  • make endorsements and recommendations of your contacts (and hope they do the same for you)
  • find other alumni from your college or career school
  • follow companies that are leaders in your career field

We hope these LinkedIn tips help to inspire you to create and maintain the best LinkedIn profile you can. It can stay with you for your whole career and serve as a handy way to maintain your career network. Why not get started today?


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