15 Great Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Show your teachers you appreciate what they do!

The month of May is when we officially hold Teacher Appreciation Week every year. But if you think about it, teacher appreciation is something that should happen year-round. Your teachers work hard for you! They prepare lessons every day, stay at work late, grade your papers at home, and seem to have endless energy when it comes to working with students in the classroom.

Take some time to reflect on the teachers in your life. How have you been shaped by the teachers in your life? In what ways have your teachers influenced your life positively? Now’s the time to give back and show your teachers that you appreciate what they do. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Circulate a card for the whole class to sign.
  2. Post a positive ranking of your teacher on a teacher rating site.
  3. Make cookie mix in a mason jar as a homemade gift.
  4. Write a thank you note, listing three specific things that you appreciate.
  5. Pull together class donations for a gift card.
  6. Bring in a school supply that is running low, like white board markers or tissues.
  7. Go on Pinterest and create a cool craft for your teacher.
  8. Coordinate with other students to hold a potluck lunch or bagel breakfast for the teachers at your school.
  9. Make an inspiring poster that the whole class can sign.
  10. Take a selfie with your teacher and post it online with #teacherappreciation (if the teacher agrees).
  11. Give your teacher a bouquet of flowers or a small potted plant.
  12. Visit a teacher from a previous school year just to say hello.
  13. Get together with classmates to make a video about why your teacher is great.
  14. If your teacher has a Facebook account, post a positive comment on his or her wall.
  15. Show interest in your teacher’s career, with a question like “How did you decide on becoming a teacher?” or “What do you like most about being a teacher?”

Whenever you take the time to acknowledge your teacher, he or she will feel appreciated. So this May—and throughout the school year—remember to treat your teacher with respect, kindness, and appreciation. Your teacher will love it!