10 Free (or Low-Cost) Things to Do this Summer in Orlando

Don’t let the summer heat get you down!

Summer is a time when life slows down a little. School children are on summer break, people go on vacations, and workplaces often take a more relaxed pace. It’s a great opportunity to get out into the community and do something out-of-the-ordinary. If you’re looking for free or low-cost activities to do in the Orlando, Florida area, why not try a few of these?

Have a cookout
It’s too hot to cook inside during the summer! Call some friends and have everyone bring something to cook on the grill. Don’t forget to follow grill safety measures to avoid cooking accidents.

Go to a concert
Summer is a great time for outdoor concerts. Try Disney’s Boardwalk for live outdoor entertainment. Or for a smaller venue, Lake Eola park often features live concerts. Also check your local coffee shops for live open-mic nights.

Volunteering is a great (and free) way to get involved in your community. It might also serve as an opportunity to network and learn more about the world of work. To find volunteer positions, look at an organization like volunteermatch.org. This website and other similar websites can match you up with a volunteer experience that can further your interests and skills.

Go to a free museum
Do you like arts and culture? The Orlando region has a number of free and low-cost museums that you might like to see. Try the Zora Neale Hurston Museum, the Winter Garden Heritage Museum, the Railroad Museum, or the Crealde School of Art. All of these locations offer free or low-cost admission and a window into history and culture.

Find a shady park
Central Florida has a lot of great parks. You might want to try Black Hammock Adventures, where live music is often on tap as well as live alligator exhibits. Or you can feed the swans at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando. Or if you like history, try Fort Christmas Historical Park.

Try a new recipe
Do you tend to cook the same things week after week? This summer, why not try something new? Fruits and vegetables can be at their peak during the summer. Take advantage of the fruits and vegetables that are in season, and try a new healthy recipe.

Declutter your home
Do you have too many belongings? Old clothes you never wear anymore? Children’s toys that they have outgrown? Why not take a summer weekend to declutter your home? Donate gently used items to the charity of your choosing.

Go to a farmers’ market
Farmers’ markets are springing up in so many communities. Pick a new one to explore every weekend, and see what new and interesting things you might see. Even if you don’t purchase much, it’s fun to walk around and see what’s new.

Go shopping at a yard sale
Someone else’s yard sale may be your treasure chest! Check out your local listings for a nearby yard sale, and see if you find any great bargains. Or if you’re really ambitious, hold a yard sale yourself. Never hurts to make a little extra cash!

Go to your library
The Orange County Library system has several branches. Is there one near you? What better way to cool off than to stop in your library and browse the books and other offerings? Libraries are vibrant places where free programs are taking place all the time. Get connected with your local branch!

When it comes to fun activities in Orlando, the sky is the limit! We hope these suggestions will get you out of your door and into your community. Have a wonderful summer!


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